Trust is the one thing that changes everything. People often make decisions in less than a second and it is your responsibility to quickly develop trust. There are many opportunities in the numerous interactions you may have with the client. Trust can come from your marketing, your staff, your displays of your credentials, but primarily from your developing a relationship with them. Nurturing quality relationships doesn’t always take a long time as much as it is a feeling the clients get when working with you.

Every step in the process of acquiring a patient and treating them has an opportunity to increase trust or decrease trust. From the wording in your marketing pieces, to the way the phones are answered at the office. The patient is making decisions if this is the right place for them, or not. Every interaction has the potential to move a patient forward or to make them stop continuing with a dental practice.

When patients are treated with respect and patience, you won’t need to ASK them for referrals, they will see that more important than the quality of your dentistry, is HOW they FEEL and how they were TREATED when they were getting their work done. Did they feel like they were an interference in your daily schedule, or did they feel like you were looking forward to assisting them?

When presenting treatment options to the patients, do you ASK them what they would like for their mouth and their smile? Or do you list off everything possible without allowing them the opportunity to “own” that these are potential problems going on in their mouths? Most dentistry is elective, with the exception of emergency care. Yes, the majority of dentists are presenting ideal treatment plans, but maybe not everyone wants or values having a “perfect mouth or smile.”

In summary, each time a patient enters your office, every staff member’s responsibility is to think about how they can improve the patient’s TRUST in the Doctor, in the treatment, and in the process of delivery. Trust means confidence and expectation. When you provide reliable, consistent quality care, it gives your team and your patients a higher degree of trust. This is what leads to progressive success.

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