Improve your leadership skills

Enjoy your work/life balance 

Create a loyal patient base

Improve your team efficiency



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DentalTeamMaker is our newest program to help you Recruit, Interview, Identify the best candidates and properly bring them onboard. Using our professional services makes it confidential for your office while allowing you the opportunity to continue working on your patients without disruption. When you have staff coming and going like a revolving door, the cost to your business can be equal to up to one year’s salary of that employee! As professionals, you should be doing the delivery of care and leave the Hiring part to us!

Once they are hired, we roll up our sleeves and help you integrate them into the office properly. Many offices bring new staff onboard and after the first week are too busy to continue to train them and it’s time for the employee to “sink or swim”. Most employees haven’t fully integrated until after the first 45 days, however, over 30% of new hires leave their new job due to improper “onboarding” or not being the right match in the first place. This gets very expensive and frustrating for the current staff. Our Certified program for helping you identify the right people for the right position will dramatically reduce this, saving you both time and money!

Our coaching comes from over 34 years of actually running a  Dental Practice. We are “hands-on” with our coaching services. We will not let you down. When you hire us for coaching, we take your practice as if we owned it. We will uncover every stone and look for any and all barriers to your success. We make sure your team is running smoothly and that your are maximizing your resources. It doesn’t matter if you are in front of us or across the country, we can jump onto your computer using TeamViewer and get a snapshot of your business. Most businesses have a dozen areas that we could look at and make suggestions. Many offices are doing a lot of things right and just need a new set of eyes to relook at your systems and structure.